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About Bronze Globes
Bronze Globes: Internationally collected American artist Max Greiner, Jr. has been making globe sculptures, from 3/4” to 48” in diameter, out of bronze, pewter and resin in the USA since 1996. His first bronze globe sculpture was called “The Great Commission”®. His unique, copyrighted and trademarked composition is today recognized around the world because it combines symbols of the Word, the World and the Rock.

Greiner bronze globe sculptures are available alone or with custom bases. They are sought after because of their accuracy, durability and beauty. Most bronze globes, particularly those made overseas, are imprecise and often not made of genuine bronze.

Greiner sculpted the continents and islands out of a special sculpture wax, applied over a geographically accurate commercial globe, to create the illusion of terrain. The sculptor also delineated the major rivers and large lakes to produce a very realistic rendition of the earth.

Thanks to technology, the artist is able to reproduce his beautiful sculptures of the earth in many sizes. They can be displayed outdoors on bases made of granite, marble, stained concrete, brick, stone and even ceramic tile. Max Greiner, Jr. has an Architectural Design degree from Texas A&M University and can provide a plethora of creative compositions to display and illuminate your bronze globe sculpture in powerful, creative ways.

The sculptures can include water features. However, be aware that constant contact with water will affect the chemical patina over time turning it green due to oxidation of the copper in the bronze.

Greiner’s beautiful bronze globe patinas can be maintained virtually forever, with minimal care. Almost any color patina finish can be created at his foundry. The artist’s standard patinas are: “Realistic” (light blue water), “Natural” (dark blue water) and “Traditional” (brown water). The contrast between the land and water creates a stunning effect.

The bronze globes are available with or without the bronze book. Greiner is able to put any text on the two pages of the open book. This makes the bronze globe sculptures ideal for schools, libraries, colleges, universities and seminaries.

A search of the internet proves that Max Greiner, Jr. has some of the most beautiful, competitively priced American-made bronze globe sculptures available today.
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Bronze Globes  (without book)
Diameter SKU Price
48 Inch #02857 $40,000
36 Inch #02784 $34,000
20 Inch #02644 $12,000
12 Inch #02571 $  4,000
   9 Inch #02504 $  2,500
Bronze Globes  (with book)
The Artist can create a custom sculpture with any text, either raised or recessed on the open book pages. These sculptures are ideal for libraries and schools. Please call for a quote.
“The Great Commission”®  (Bronze)
Description SKU Price
48” Bronze Globe w/Bibles & Rock #02385 $80,000
36” Bronze Globe w/Bibles & Rock #02318 $68,000
20” Bronze Globe w/Bibles & Rock #01478 $20,000
12” Bronze Globe w/Bibles & Rock #01540 $8,000
9” Bronze Globe w/Bibles & Rock #01613 $4,850
5” Globe w/Bibles & Rock on Walnut Bible Base #01680 $2,100
5” Globe w/Bibles & Rock on Round Walnut Base #01893 $1,900
3” Globe w/Bibles & Rock on Round Walnut Base #01753 $550
3” Globe w/Bibles & Rock on Rectangle Walnut Award #01826 $600
Note: Prices are subject to change and will be confirmed at time of Order.
Two Bronze Globes
About the Artist
Max G. Greiner, Jr. is an American artist, born in 1951. He graduated in 1974 with an Architectural degree from Texas A&M University. Max married his wife, Sherry in 1975. Greiner worked in architecture and advertising before launching his fine art career in 1978, at age 27. Max’s work includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, graphic design, writing, photography, architecture and landscape architecture. Greiner art is owned in all 50 states and about 100 countries. It is in many prestigious collections. Max is best known for his historically unique monumental sculptures and The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, TX. Today, the Greiners live on a 126-acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. They seek to lift up Jesus Christ in everything they do.
Max and Sherry Greiner
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